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{OPTION A: Wandering around Nimbasa at night - isn't it lovely? Timeline: After entering Nimbasa for the first time, but before the Ferris Wheel and going for the badge.}

{OPTION B: Icirrus City, just after the incident at Dragonspiral Tower. She's on top of one of the hillocks, just chilling. No pun intended.}

{OPTION C: Whatever takes your fancy.}
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...and hilarity ensues, I suppose!


1) Late night corridor patrolling - gotta make sure there aren't any first years sneaking around where they're not mean to be.
2) Time to eat - breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a midnight snack; studying burns a lot of energy, and you have to replenish it somehow!
3) Hogsmeade excursion - are you going to spend all your sickles on sweets? Really?
4) Studying - in the library or in the common room. Got to keep your grades up somehow!
5) In Class - passing notes is only bad if you get caught, clearly.
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You wanted an open RP post? Ya'll got one! Instructions are simple.

1. Pick yo character - we got a few to choose from
2. Pick yo flavour - OU, or AU, or game canon
3. Pick yo prompt - it's like baskin robbins up in here
4. And comment!

zodion app

Jul. 4th, 2012 11:13 am
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Name & DW Journal: Myki, DW is notbantamweight
Birthdate & Age: 12/12/1992, 19 years old.
Characters played in Zodion: None!

Name: Nanao Ise
Canon: Bleach
PB/Image: - canon art, and the only time we see her zanpakutou
Info links: - Nanao on the Bleach wikia, - Bleach itself on wikipedia
Canon Point: Chapter 497, page 13.
Gender & Sex: Female!
Age: Roughly 140 years old, looks to be mid to late twenties.
Birthdate/Sign: 7th of July, making her a Cancerian. This is a canon birthday!
Tattoo: Above her heart and roughly the size of her palm.
Suitability: Unneeded as she’s well over 18.
Power: Keeping a canon power, in the form of Kidou - basically a variety of offensive, defensive, and healing/support spells that use her own spiritual energy as their power source. They vary in type and form, with the most powerful of them able to rip holes in dimensions and level cities. The defensive (Bakudou) and offensive (Hadou) are ranked from 1 to 99, with the weakest at 1 and the most powerful/restricted at 99.

Quite obviously, there will have to be a cap on these powers to approximately one-sixteenth of her original capabilities, and a list of proposed allowed kidou is at this address. As powers are able to grow in Zodion, I’d like her to eventually regain up to half of her original spiritual energy reserves, going from ⅛ -> ¼ -> ½. I accept that this may or may not be possible.

I would like her also to keep her zanpakutou (sword), as they are literally forged using a Shinigami’s own energy, and are an extension of their soul. As she has not been shown to use Shikai (the relased state of a Zanpakutou) in canon, she will not have this ability in Zodion, limiting her to sword skills and kidou.


Compared to her overly-flamboyant and loud Captain, many may miss Nanao’s presence on the first glance - but it is their loss if they do. Like steel in silk, Nanao is the driving force that keeps the Eighth Division moving. She does not only her own ridiculously huge amount of paperwork, but her Captain’s, too. In addition to this, she writes an advice column for the monthly Seireitei Communication magazine, entitled “Please Be Moderate” in which she answers the questions of readers on a variety of subjects. She is also the Vice-President of the Shinigami Women’s Association, but that can change as the President (Kusajishi Yachiru) decides that Nanao’s sensibilities do not suit her plans for SWEET SHOP DOMINATION and elects Nemu to that position instead. In her free time, she also enjoys shopping, playing the piano, and reading books from the Library. As a result, she has a good working knowledge of mythology, history, and strategy/tactics throughout the ages.

So, it’s clear that Nanao’s got her eyes on the prize for busiest Shinigami - but why, you may ask? Surely she has enough on her plate, what with how she practically runs the Eighth and all. The reason for that is very simple. All this work keeps her from thinking about her past, which in all honesty, has sucked a massive bag of dicks. As a Shinigami, she has lived both a human life and that of a soul, and then that of a small part of a massive military organisation whose stated purpose is to destroy Hollows - which are, quite horrifically, corrupted human souls. So, rather obviously, she needs to be as strong as possible in order to destroy them and continue living on.

Nanao is first of all, physically fit. Actually, she’s more than that. She’s in her physical prime, and trained to within a literal inch of her life. There is very little she can’t defeat when given a sword - or even unarmed! However, considering that all supernatural abilities are sealed, she loses a part of this ability. The first - and possibly most traumatic - thing she would notice is her complete lack of spiritual awareness and energy. Even as a human, she possessed the power to interact with the spiritual world to a limited degree. As a shinigami (and later a Vice-Captain), she fully mastered her abilities, becoming one of the most proficient kidou users in Seireitei.

Kidou, or "Demon Arts", involve the harnessing of one's spiritual energy and moulding it via incantations to produce spells of varying effects, including offensive, defensive, and communication-related. It can take years to become truly proficient in it, and it is generally the mark of a highly-ranked Shinigami - although there are several notable exceptions. (Renji, I’m talking about you here.) Normally, one would use incantations to help mould one’s raw spiritual energy into the correct form, but Nanao is skilled enough to use middle to high ranked kidou silently - that is, without any form of incantation or warning at all. This is not only unusual, but very difficult, as it takes a greater degree of control than simply shouting out a spell.

In addition to magic, she is also a physically able swordswoman, capable of wielding staff-like weapons such as pollaxes and naginata in addition to the more standard swords such as katana and wakizashi. She uses these to attack and cleanse Hollows, in addition to sparring against other Shinigami, so she’s very good with them. She also has very good aim and due to her excellent upper body strength, can throw heavy objects (encyclopedias, dictionaries, small children, swords) with ease. As she’s in prime physical condition, she can also fight hand-to-hand very well, although her height and light weight prove to be rather disadvantageous, since most of her opponents are larger and stronger than she tends to be.

She makes up for this disadvantage in being incredibly nimble and flexible, which her Captain (who is apparently the biggest dandy and Casanova in all Seireitei) will invariably comment on. That then garners him a book thrown at his face, or a fan slap, or kidou aimed at him... One might say that Nanao hates her Captain, but this is simply not true. She has known him for over a hundred years, and has always stuck by his side, where she has been protected and cared for. There are numerous moments in canon where she has followed him into situations that have gone south so fast it’s not funny, and his first priority is to get her out of there as soon as he can. Likewise, there’s been moments where he’s gone out and nearly gotten himself killed, and she breaks down in tears in a public corridor. Keep in mind, this is a woman with a poker-face of equal level to Kuchiki Byakuya. She can terrifying Kurotsuchi freaking Mayuri with just one look, and steals her Captain’s own booze. Yet, she utterly collapses when it seems like Kyouraku is going to die.

“Yes, that’s nice, but is she a tsundere?” I hear you ask. And to that I say: not quite. Yes, she is incredibly tsun towards Kyouraku, but to everyone else, she is much more of a kuudere, possessing a Sugar & Ice person (link) - cold and frosty, the stereotypical Ice Queen. She is comically serious compared to some of the other characters in Bleach, and also is a Grade A Snark Knight. However, all of this isn’t quite an act, rather it is more of a defense mechanism and an attempt to keep Kyouraku Shunsui (her Captain and immediate superior) at bay, despite her feelings for him.

TO SUM IT UP: Nanao Ise is a big conflicted ball of emotions and reishi, but she is extraordinarily good at repressing both of those, and is also scarily competent at her job (paperwork, killing horrible monsters, more paperwork, and terrifying her Captain), despite a-cup angst and horribly romantic feelings for her Captain and unhelpful coworkers. She’s a BAMF, and she’s not afraid to blow things up in order to regain some semblance of order.

"Zodion" First-Person Network Entry:

{Purple eyes glare out through the communicator - whoever this person is, they are clearly Not Happy.} Sex for survival... That’s an interesting proposition, and one I am not particularly interested in. Whoever these "Twelve" are, they must have priests if they call themselves gods. Surely we can work out some sort of compromise.

Also, I would appreciate more information on where we are precisely located, and if it is at all possible to return from whence I came. I was in the middle of something rather important. {And that was an understatement if ever there was one!} Thank you.

"Zodionlogs" Third-Person Prose Entry: (200 word min)

Shunpou was easy - well, it normally was, but dodging attacks from invading Quincies made just a little bit more difficult than it usually was. Focus the reiatsu, concentrate on the area you wanted to go to, and step. Simple.

Turns out it isn't so simple when you are pulled from one world into another between steps. Nanao stumbles on the flagstones, hands thrown wide for balance. This... was not Seireitei. Or at least, not anywhere in Seireitei that she'd ever seen. An altar, a pool - and that small box. She could feel the pull on her, an almost irresistable force.
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To keep track of what abilities Nanao has regained in Zodion.
Power level rated on a scale of 0-10.
➊ ➋ ➌ ➍ ➎ ➏ ➐ ➑ ➒ ➓
^ the current ranking of her power.
✖ means that she has not regained said ability.

Read more... )
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[personal profile] exeggutorhead/ FMA 2003 Anime /
DEADBROOOOO. In other words, Envy was the first person that Nanao actually considered family here in Johto.
[personal profile] greatbigrock / The Road to El Dorado /
The most slow-developing of relationships, but she finally confessed her love to him! a letter, after she disappeared, but it's the principle of the thing that counts.
[personal profile] freezetheskies / Bleach /
The teeniest of Captains, she wrote a letter to him too, and finally managed to say that she thought of him as the son she never had. Who knows what will happen next?
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{The sun's shining gently, the grass rippling as a seabreeze rolls through - it's a lovely spring day. Problem is, this place probably doesn't resemble any he's ever seen before, although it's very pretty. There's even a paved path leading somewhere.}

{Perhaps it would be a good idea to follow it? After all, this place seems like the type of place where anything could happen...}
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{World, this is Australia. Australia, meet the World. Now play nice, and no wrestling crocodiles!}

G'day! How's it going?

{OOC: For the people who wanted to play with my Australia, here's your chance!}


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